Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Things

There are many fun things to do in San Felipe Baja. How about going fishing? San Felipe is known for the best kind of fishing; every season has different fish to catch. Or how about different fun events or festivals to enjoy. They have an annual Shrimp festival. San Felipe is nationwide known for the best blue shrimp. They have a weekend celebration for the season of shrimp.
San Felipe may be a small fisherman town, but they know how to party. Christmastime they have parades and caroling. Or today through Monday San Felipe is celebrating Carnaval 2013. The theme of the Carnaval is "Magic". There will be dancing, music, magic shows, food, and fun!
So, come and celebrate San Felipe, during one of their weekend events or just come and have fun at the many attractions they have to offer.

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