Friday, November 30, 2012

Holidays in San Felipe

How would you like to vacation over the holidays in San Felipe Mexico? Who wouldn't like to soak up the sun on a tropical beach by the Gulf. Toasting your footsie’s in the hot, white sand or playing in the warm ocean waves. San Felipe is the perfect vacation spot. There is lots of entertainment and shopping. Markets that you can have a field day in bargaining for, like beautiful silver Mexico has to offer or the ponchos you have been dreaming about. Okay maybe you have not been dreaming about the poncho’s. But
San Felipe also has great activities to share with the whole family. Can you imagine going snorkeling in the middle of winter? You can in San Felipe, and you can also go horseback riding, sun bath or jump into a sand buggy and punch the sand dunes. You will never experience the holidays sitting at home in Iowa, freezing your bootee  Instead get warmed up and hop on the next plane to San Felipe Baja Mexico. You won’t be disappointed!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

No Bad Days

  San Felipe is a sweet, little village that only gives the visitor or traveler bright and sunny days. The sea of Cortez calls for the people to play on the sand and hunt for sea shells. There is always something to in San Felipe Baja. Never a dull moment. You can pick and choose your activities.
   There are many activities inside or out or in water or on land. Lots of boutiques and market shopping in the center of town at Malecon or maybe you would like to go on a dirt bike ride. Or how about a fishing boat excursion, San Felipe is known for having many types of fish to hook. Never a dull moment in San Felipe, actually most travelers have a difficult time leaving and some even end up staying year long or forever.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


San Felipe Baja is perfection! Out of 350 days of the year, it may have bad weather once or twice out of each month, then the rest of the time it’s balmy and beautiful! San Felipe is perfect o to vacation or live. There is always something to do in San Felipe! From outdoor water activities to indoor activities anytime of the week. The pubs and dance clubs offer live entertainment, comedians, bands, or DJ’s. There are so many outdoor activities from water to land. Maybe you like to boat. There are at least 5 different activities on a boat. Or maybe you like to wind surf or go fishing. San Felipe is known for the best fishing, because every season there is a different fish to be caught.
Or maybe you would like to play on land, how about dune buggy or horseback riding on the beach? There is always something to do in San Felipe. If you just want to relax, the open beaches await to sunbath or search for shells or play catch with the family. Come in bask in the sun at the Sea of Cortez.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Shrimp were Dancing

In San Felipe this weekend they just celebrated the 20th Annual Shrimp festival. What a weekend. The Shrimp festivals just get bigger and busier every year! Guest chefs came to create amazing dishes with the fresh catch of the festival - Shrimp! The plump big blue shrimp are locally harvested in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, this is why San Felipe has celebration. The celebration is not just for the glorious shrimp but also the simple life of the shrimp fisherman of San Felipe.
The guest chefs made every meal you could dream of made with the shrimp, a splash of tequila here and there. And there were contests of the best made shrimp dishes. The festival also offered carnival rides for the children and adults, dancing, live music, and even a little bit of shopping of the local artists in town. All around the 20th Annual Shrimp Festival was another success!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Different Kind of Racing

Racing on dirt terrain is a very popular sport in San Felipe. Racing time is coming up again in San Felipe, December 14-16, 2012. Racing fans are excited because it's almost about time to break some records.
This type of racing is well liked because the race track or race terrain is rocky, muddy, hilly, and has long stretches of road. The race car drivers are very experienced and professional; you have to be to stay on the dirt race track. The drivers can get up to very high speeds, however they have to slow down may times because of the change of the terrain and their fans standing by. The fans come from and wide to watch the Off the Road Racing. There are 4 different races to experience: San Felipe 250, the annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Race, Norra 1000, and the Record Race Ready. So, please come and join in on the fun of “Off the Road Racing” in San Felipe Baja!