Friday, September 28, 2012

Awaited 2012 Christmas Parade

Christmas is just around the corner and San Felipe goes all out for Christmas. If you did not already know, most Mexicans are Christians or Catholics. So, Christmas is very important to them. Like most of North America, Christmas is a celebration of religion and family. San Felipe has a very nice tradition, a Christmas parade. The annual Christmas parade is very eventful with all kinds of colorful costumes, and twinkling Christmas lights.
The parade starts with sirens from the police cars and fire trucks to let the crown forming the parade is about to begin.  The Christmas parade always has a few surprises that were not presented the years before. Everyone that is involved with organizing the parade have to be secretive, if they do not hold their tongues they are put to death. No not really but the Christmas parade is top secret. The date of the Christmas parade is not even told. Of course it falls around the same time each year but the mysterious date is not revealed until the night of when the sirens go off.
The Christmas parade is beloved by the locals, if they could play music and dance everyday they would have a daily parade. The tourist of course enjoy the whole scene and sing along happily to the Spanish and English Christmas hymns. The 2012 Christmas parade is long awaited by both the locals, all the people that are participating and the tourists.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day of Art

San Felipe has some amazing and local artists. Annually San Felipe shows off their local art. It's usually held over a weekend. You can roam through the maze of paintings, drawings, pottery, photography, watercolors, and glass creations. The weather is not always predictable, so if there is rain the art show would be postpone for the following weekend. It's best to see artwork in the sunlight, it brings out the brilliant colors and the images jump out. 
The art show is usually held by the busy highway, to attract more people. Every year seems to bring more artists to surface and show and sell their incredible work. If you are in San Felipe and it's the right time for the local art show, adventure out, you will not be disappointed. If you don't like art so much, there is yummy cuisine and drink available. Live music like a local band or radio station. It's a day of art and fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Desert Racing

Have you ever gone to desert race? It can be very exciting. There are dirt bikes everywhere, dust and lots of people. This is not just a man sport, there are plenty of girl dirt bike racers, too. The terrain is very rough and the racers have to be smart in how they maneuver around. Two racers cannot race side by side because the dust will force one of the riders to separate. Basically each rider is on their own in the race, yes they are racing against one another but one rider can go for miles without seeing another rider for long periods of time. It's just the rider and the terrain in front of them. A rider can be riding behind another and suddenly break away because they found a better way to get around their competitor.
The older the age group the harder the terrain. These desert racers have to be very knowledgeable of the hundred acres of Mojave Desert if they want to win. The terrains become more difficult for the older groups to ride: there are drops, steep hills or bumpy trials. Not only do the older rides need to know the desert terrain like the back of their hand but they also need to know how to ride in any kind of weather. When it rains the desert becomes like mud, but the race must go on. This is a very exciting and entertaining event for everyone in San Felipe to enjoy.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hot Springs in San Felipe

Hot Strings in San Felipe is a great activity in the late fall. Sometimes it can get cooler in the evening in San Felipe; going to the hot springs warms you right up. The hot springs are heated tide pools. It’s literally like sitting in a hot tub except it’s completely natural. Getting to the hot springs is quite a trek, but definitely worth it. Hot springs can be a healing to the body and soul. Puertecitos hot springs cost a dollar to go into the springs but hey, that’s a great price.

There are three different tide pools, one was very hot, one was medium temperature like a hot tub with jets on and the last one was just the right warmth. There are many more pools but the three are the most popular with the tourists. The hot springs is a comfortable amount of people not too busy, but enough people to make it entertaining.  When visiting San Felipe definitely don’t miss the Puertecitos hot springs.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paella Festival

Last February it was the 10th Annual San Felipe Paella Festival. The Paella festival is awaited all year to eat all the delicious cuisine. It’s crowded with tourists and locals every year. Music (the mariachi) and dancing in the beautiful sunny weather, fills every moment of the festival. Each year the Paella Festival gets bigger and busier. It is usually held at the Hotel of Cortez and on the beach. The festival is inexpensive, $10 dollars for three dishes of “yummy” cuisine. There are lots of seafood dishes, mixed with paella rice. Most festival goers leave with full stomachs but satisfied smiles across their faces. This is well enjoyed weekend full of friends, wine, lots of food, music, and dancing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flying like a Bird

Have you ever wished you could fly? How about flying over paradise? Well, you can! In San Felipe Baja you can have the experience of a lifetime. It’s called Ultra-lights flight. Ultra-lights feels like you are floating above the world. An ultra-light is a two-part airplane kit. It’s like sitting on a motorcycle but flying in the air. The ride is short-lived about 20 minutes but worth the money. You can climb up to 500 to 600 feet. Taking off and landing is remarkably smooth. Most ultra-light rides fly over open areas, that are why this sport is so popular near beaches.

Purveyors of sky-dreams have successfully run their business for many years in San Felipe. They have taken up hundreds of people. It’s an addicting sport. Once you soared with the birds, you don’t ever want to come down. It’s a memory you will never forget.

Friday, September 14, 2012

San Felipe Water Sports

San Felipe offers several different water sports. The most popular sport is fishing. There are many fishing charters that go out for the day or a whole week. Actually San Felipe is known for fishing. Each season, there is a different fish to catch.

Or maybe you have your own boat; there are several boat ramps available to easily get your boat into the sea. Of course swimming is a great past time for tourists. The beach is calm and warm, so swimming is enjoyable for the whole family.

Or how about hopping onto a Banana Boat; now that will be a bouncy ride. Or there is water ski rentals. Kayak is another popular water sport because of the calm bay. Take your kayak and explore other bays. Just be careful with any water sport because of the tides. Tides come in completely and unexpectedly. Always be aware but don’t let it ruin your fun on the Sea of Cortez.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Las Caras de Mexico Golf Course

If golf is your game, Las Caras de Mexico golf course has 18 holes by the coast by the Sea of Cortez. So, either riding along in your golf cart to each hole or walking the golf course you can experience the views of the sea or mountains of San Felipe. The views are spectacular. 

The villagers of San Felipe have named the golf course “Faces of Mexico”, the names gives it a touch of heritage of the land. So, if you are a lover of golf and you want to vacation to Mexico, come visit San Felipe Baja. It has a small time feeling of local and tourist mingling, great food, the best seafood, the mountains, desert and sea and a great game of golf. A vacation made in paradise.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shrimp Festival in San Felipe

The season of November is shrimp in San Felipe; it’s the nineteenth year of celebration. San Felipe is known for fishing, so a shrimp festival is quite popular with the locals. The restaurants experiment with many delicious culinary dishes, during the festival the locals and tourist can sample. During this festival there is wine tasting, local cultural events, and Tequila samples. This festival is not so much a culinary experience more the fisherman’s lifestyle.

San Felipe is famous for the Blue Shrimp; it’s one of most delicious shrimp in the world. You can purchase to take home over 8 pounds of shrimp. Now that’s a lot of shrimp. You could be like Bubba from Forest Gump movie, and come up all kinds of recipes with shrimp. This is a very unique festival; learn all about the San Felipe culture and one of the village’s main food resources: seafood. And the bonuses come and enjoy the beautiful coast of San Felipe Baja Mexico.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Playing in San Felipe

San Felipe Baja has so many activities to keep the whole family entertained. The ocean is everyone’s first stop. The warm is at least 10 degrees warmer than the Pacific Ocean, so you can stay in the water for hours. The weather is mostly 75 to 80 degrees pretty much all year round and sunny. There are tons of water sports available to play on the water or if you just want to go shells hunting. Or maybe you love to fish; there are many tour boats that take people out to fish for a day or a week. The best time to sport fish is during the months of March thru June.

San Felipe also has desert. The excursion of the day at the desert is dirt bikes 2-wheelers, 3-wheels which are sand rail and 4-wheels sand buggies. This sport is fun for the whole family. You can drive alone or with a partner. Make sure you bring a scarf and sunglasses; it gets dirty and sandy out there. These are just a few of sports and activities that are offered on your vacation in San Felipe Baja Mexico.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fishing Tours in San Felipe

Tony Reyes fishing tours last 6 days of fishing and fun. Tony will go over 22 hours of fishing grounds. It will be a trip you will not forget. Not only great fish to catch but the other activities include diving, beaching exploring and sightseeing. The trip begins early morning Sunday the boat departs. The fishing is usually in peaceful parts of the bay. Reyes will bring you to fish heaven. Midriff Islands is migration of Yellowtail fish, Grouper, Giant Squid, Marlin, and Pargo, just to name a few fish in this area. On this fishing trip will also view Finback Whale and Bottlenose Porpoises at the Midriff Island. Sea Cortez is a spectacular place and you will not forget this amazing adventure. You will return 6 days later on the following Saturday early morning with your ice cooler filled with caught fish and memories for a lifetime.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Documents to Have when Renting Temporary Home?

The first thing you need to do once you decide on a vacation rental in San Felipe Mexico is a Mexico vacation rental agreement. This is probably the most important document you will need in Mexico, other than your passport or ID. This agreement goes over the specifics of renting temporary homes on foreign land. If you are using a realtor to help you find a vacation home than they will provide this agreement. It’s very important that you know about this agreement and probably good to go through a license realtor. The shady, not licensed realtors may not know or care to give you this information, and later you may get in trouble with the Mexican law. You don’t want any headaches on your vacation, so be smart and always ask questions whenever renting. Ask and you shall receive.

The agreement is basically another type of contract but easier to understand and all they need is a simple “yes” or “no”. Not like a legal rental contract, where it has all the details about the rental and clauses. Basically the agreement is saying the landlord or property management can cancel the reservation at any time before the transaction and that you may lose your deposit. Again like any agreement, read and ask before signing anything.