Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Making Memories

It's the holiday season upon us. Christmas is passing and the New Year's is almost upon us. What to expect for New Years Eve in Mexico? One thing you can definitely count on for your New Year's celebration is warm weather. Doesn't warm, balmy night sound so inviting? It's party time in Mexico!
San Felipe Baja is no different. Small private parties will be on the beach, bars will have live music and celebrations. Or why don't you make your own party?
Vacation rentals are the best, because you can easily have a party. Forget about the big resorts or small hotel rooms, make some memories in your vacation rental. You don't have to just celebrate with your family or partner, meet new friends or invite the whole neighborhood block. Another great thing about a vacation rental is you can be as load as you want. Crank up the music, fly open those windows and party down for the night! If you are near the shore, see if it's safe and of course allowed, light some fireworks and light up the sky. Happy New Year, San Felipe!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glorious Food

San Felipe Baja has so many delicious restaurants. They are famous for their jumbo blue shrimp. They are so famous for the shrimp that they have an annual festival dedicated to the shrimp. Here are some of the delectable cuisines in town.

*El Nido Restaurant and Steak House: their food is always fabulous. They have reviews from people all over the world that visit San Felipe. El Nido was especially unique because of the mariachi singer serenades you and guests at your table.

*Mariscos La Morena restaurant is another favorite in San Felipe for their awesome seafood, oceanfront view and great prices.

*El Kikiriki restaurant: if you are craving fish tacos, El Kikiriki is the only place to go for the most delicious tacos. Each taco is only one dollar, what a deal!

*El Minuto, this restaurant is a little hole in wall eatery but worth the search. Only Mexicans work, cook, and serve there. So, if you do not know Spanish you will have to point to the menu for what you want to eat but worth every bite.

These are the top restaurants with the most reviews. Good foods and great prices.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Driving vs. Flying

Usually when you vacation, road trip is not really appealing especially if you have kids. But in this case driving to San Felipe could be way more convenient, that is if you live in a nearby state. Other than crossing the Mexican border, as that could be tedious and long, it then could be a breeze once crossed. Wouldn't it be nice to have your car on vacation instead a rental? Yes, San Felipe is not a big city to need a car, but there are some excursions that you would need a car to participant in. Like riding the sand buggies in the dunes or horseback riding. Or maybe while vacationing in San Felipe you might visit the hot water springs or take a dip at other beaches from afar.


Flying to San Felipe could be a hassle. First you need to get a ride to the airport from your hometown then once you arrive in Baja Mexico you have to either rent a car in a foreign terrrtory or find a shuttle. Or maybe you reserved a shuttle before leaving. Don't forget you have to tip the driver, and they see you as a rich American or foreigner, so they expect a high tip. Once you arrive in San Felipe how do you plan to get around? There are so many factors to consider if flying into Mexico. So, you might reorganize your thoughts and take a road trip instead to San Felipe.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Little Escapes

Living in San Felipe is Heaven. How would you like a little more heaven? Hop in the car and take a road trip. There is a great called Gonzaga Bay. It’s like a 3 hour trip from San Felipe but so worth it. Don’t forget your picnic lunch, beach toys, swimsuit, and company. Gonzaga Bay is a great little spot to find total relaxation. Not many people have discovered this little paradise. And if you are real adventurous; you can camp overnight. Gonzaga Bay is a couple degrees warmer and the water is crystal clear.
It would best to take a SUV on your road trip because the terrain or road is kind of rugged; otherwise a regular sedan will slow down your trip. Otherwise the drive has splendid views of the coast. Make sure you leave early; so you can enjoy the day and still arrive home while it’s still light. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best Time of the Year

It’s Christmas and then New Year’s! Holidays are the best time of the year because it’s time to visit with family, friends and go on vacations. What’s the best place to go on vacation but warm climates. San Felipe Baja Mexico is a wonderful place to go during the holidays. San Felipe has a full calendar of things to enjoy during the holidays. Like tomorrow night is the Festival of Tamales, their 2nd annual celebration of the Tamale.
Virgen de Guadalupe day is celebrating the Lady of Guadalupe. This an all day affair. There is a parade of the Lady of Guadalupe, the locals carry the statue through town to honor her.
Or have you started holiday shopping yet? San Felipe has some great markets where you can bargain with the shop owners or maybe you would enjoy better a Christmas Art, Gift and Craft show, which is held annually every year, this year on next Saturday December 16, 2012. So, don’t miss out on all these great activities on your paradise - holiday vacation.