Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dream big - It's your Vacation

There are two ways to go on vacation: plan it or be spontaneous. May people plan their vacation because they have some control what will happen on their vacation. But actually spontaneous vacations can be just as fun if not better.  Every vacation has some planning, like are you going to take the car or fly or  go by train? But once the transportation has been decided, everything else can be simple not complicated. Unless you go somewhere and there are no accommodations because of the festival or conference in town, then you could be in trouble because you were being spontaneous.
So, sometimes, planning ahead for your dream vacation is a good thing. Or why not be a planner to get the vacation details straight then be spontaneous once you arrive to your destination? There are many places to see, just figure out what kind vacation you, want and go for it!

1 comment:

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